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What are the Riesling Weeks

During the RieslingWeeks, you can (re)discover German Riesling. In the restaurants taking part, you can enjoy a fantastic 3-course menu including German wine package for € 50 (with Michelin stars + € 12,50 per star).
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RieslingWeeks in the wine shop

Prefer to enjoy it at home? Wine shops across the entire country will also be putting on special German Riesling promotions from 27 May to 12 June. In many shops, you will be able to sample wines and purchase the carefully selected test packages of German Rieslings at very reasonable prices. Participating wine shops click here For more information on German wines go to: www.duitsewijn.be
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Riesling on the table

Rieslings are an ideal accompaniment to a wide range of dishes. On account of their fruity acids, variations in style and degrees of alcohol, they are regarded by many as the most food-friendly wines in the world.
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Grape varieties in Germany!

The main grape varieties in Germany are Riesling and Pinot Noir. Together, they account for a good third of German cultivation, i.e. a surface area of around 33,000 hectares. In particular, the Riesling has become extremely popular over the last few years and has now developed into a trendy grape. For more information on German wine, go to www.duitsewijn.be